127 x 197mm Sundance Spas MICROCLEAN Filter
146 x 200mm  Suitable replacement spa filter for SG25B  FAD122
150 x 200mm Suitable replacement for BF / SIG 50 - Spa Filter FCD121
 177 x 144mm Jazzi Spa C25 Filter
187 X 133mm LA Spas C45 Filter  85mm Thread
210 X 125mm Vortex and O2 Spa Filter 400
205 x 170mm ARTESIAN Spas 50 Spa Filter
205 x 145mm Fisher,  Escape, Lifestyle Costco, RFILA 15050 Spa Filter
 210 X 125mm Vortex Purezone Spa filter 400 (FBD248)
210 x 125mm 3 Spa Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas
210 x 125mm 3 Pleated Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas
215 x 125mm Cam Lock Filter Kit 2 x Pleated and 1 x Purezone
210 X 145mm MS50 C45 O2 Monarch Spa Filter
210 x 150mm LA Spas C45 Spa Filter 45mm Thread
210 X 150mm Arcadia Purezone 600 Spa Filter
210 x 149 Waterway 200sqft Top (Upper)
210 x 149 Waterway 200sqft Bottom (lower)
210 x 149 Waterway 200sqft Bottom (lower)

210 x 149 Waterway 200sqft Bottom (lower)


 210 x 149mm Waterway 200sqft Replacement Filter Cartridge
225 x 143mm Wide Mouth Spa Filter RFILA 15025
225 x 143mm Suitable Replacement for Sig Spas Wide Mouth Spa Filter
235 x 117mm Waterway 35 Sqft Replacement Spa Filter
275 x 208 C50 Replacement Cartridge Davey Easy Clear 500
257 x 127mm AAIM C50 Replacement Filter Cartridge
267 x 178mm Suitable on Dimension1 C75(59thrd)
305 x 117mm LA Spas C50 Replacement Filter
340 X 128mm O2 Spa Filter Purezone 800 Series
340 X 128mm O2 Spa Filter Pleated 800 Series
356 x 214mm Suitable on Sundance  C80 Filter
375 x 178mm Caldera Spas 75 Spa Filter
375 x 190mm  Sundance  Spas C65 Spa Filter
395 x 170mm Suitable on Jacuzzi J-300 C60 Filter

Filtration is an incredibly important part of maintaining a clean and hygienic spa. The heat and moisture are a natural breeding ground for bacteria, and outdoor or semi-enclosed environments can let in a lot of dirt and biological debris. Replacing cartridges regularly will help keep the filtration system functioning at its best.

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