Cover safe clips 4 pack

Cover safe clips 4 pack


Heavy Duty Spa Cover Locks X 8
SKU: 200102

Heavy Duty Spa Cover Locks X 8


Suitable Spa Cover Gemini Slate 2095 x 1105 R450
Spa Cover Burgundy 2165 x 1975 R60
Spa Cover 2250 x 2250 R300
SKU: 127096

Spa Cover 2250 x 2250 R300


Generic Spa Cover 2300 x 2300mm X R300
Generic Spa Cover 2300 x 2300mm X R100
Spa Cover Fisher 5+ Meridian 2150 x 2150 R300

As with the investment in your spa, the value for money for your spa cover becomes apparent over time. It’s important to get the best quality cover you can; one that’s designed and built to last.

We make thousands of spa covers per year and we know what it takes for a cover to survive the tough Australian conditions. Whether it’s in a fully covered area or out on an exposed deck, you need it to survive harsh sun, wind and rain during winter, and high humidity. Not all American and European products meet these standards.

Our standard spa and swim spa covers are specifically designed with UV resistant vinyl, double stitched UV resistant seams, aluminium e-channel reinforced hinges, and heat sealed poly cores. Unlike most of the covers you will find our covers feature a full length hinge block to more effectively lock in heat. After all, up to 70% of your spa’s heat loss can be attributed to a poor quality, damaged or aged cover. With one of our covers, you’ll not only save on electricity costs, you’ll have a neater and cleaner look when the area is not in use.

Here at Spa Store we offer spa covers Australia wide. All our covers are of superior quality, guaranteed to last for years to come.

If you have any questions about our spa covers, or you are struggling to locate the right cover for your model or brand, then please contact us today.