Poppit Pipe Degreaser 500ml



Item is obsolete. Please read the description for replacement.

2500ml Poppit Pipe Cleaner and Degreaser

OBSOLETE - replacement  WPQSPC250

  • Cleaner and degreaser
  • Cleans and removes body grease build-up from spa pipes
  • Recommended for use for every spa water replacement
  • Not recommended for use with Septic systems


Manufacturer: Poppit

Model: 124075

Size: 500ML


1. Remove purezone filter cartridge if one is fitted.

2. Add the recommended amount of pipe degreaser to your spa. Make sure to follow the dosing instructions on the container

3. Turn on your spa and run for 1 hour.

4. Turn blower on and off several times

5. Empty water and clean filter using filter cartridge cleaner (Remove the spa filters from the solution, rinse and if there is time, let your filters dry before you put them back into service as it will make them more efficient.)

6. As the pipes under the spa bath are often flexible it is recommended that they are flushed out after de greasing. Simply attach a hose into the jets and use water pressure to clear pipes of any residue.

7. Wipe out spa bath using a cloth with a small amount of cleaner on it.  Rinse bath with clean damp cloth

8. Refill and sanitise as per your sanitiser dosing instructions on the back of the bottle


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Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only. Spa Store and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers. We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.

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Poppit Pipe Degreaser Instructions

Poppit Pipe Degreaser MSDS Sheet 

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Selection Tips

  • Check your current water treatment type.
  • Is your system chlorine based, Poppit non chlorine or Poppit Sanosil non chlorine?
  • Check your pool volume.
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Model # 124075
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.070m
Shipping Height 0.220m
Shipping Length 0.070m
Shipping Cubic 0.001100m3
Chemical Brand Poppits
Chemical System Chlorine Free System
Chemical Type Clarifiers, Cleaners & Protectants

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