How To Use Spa Chemicals

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Spa Chemical Safety
Start Up Procedure
Test Your Spa Water
Weekly Spa Maintenance
How to Dump Spa Water
Spa Chemical Troubleshooting


Water in your spa can only be treated for 3-4 months. After that the water needs to be dumped and refilled with new tap water and repeat initial start up procedure (see dumping procedure).

Spa Chemical Safety

Never add water to chemicals, always add chemical to water.
The best way to add chemicals to your Spa is to get a clean bucket and fill it half way with SPA WATER, add chemicals and dissolve chemical with a stirrer. Once dissolved put the spa into the cleaning cycle and pour the dissolved chemical slowly over the water.

Spa Chemical Terminology

Dosage directions are always per 1000 litres of water; 1 Teaspoon heaped = 6 gms approx; 1 Tablespoon heaped = 30 gms approx Cleaning Cycle: means water is coming out of the jets and water is passing through the filter Jets on: means pump is on and squirting out water from various points of the spa Circulate water: means water is coming out of the jets and water is passing through the filter Safe Chlorine range for swimming is between 1-3 ppm as seen on your test strips.

Easy start up procedure

Step 1: Test Your Water

OK RANGE for pH is between: 7.2 - 7.8 OK RANGE for Total Alkalinity is between: 80 – 160.
Use your Test Strips to test the pH and Total Alkalinity of your Spa water (read test strip instantly).
If the test reading is below the OK range for pH and Total Alkalinity add appropriate quantity of Spa World pH and Alkalinity Increaser.
45 gms per 1000 litres of this product will increase total Alkalinity by 25ppm and will increase pH as well.
Mix spa chemical, put into Spa and press the cleaning cycle, circulate for 20 minutes before going on to step 2.
If the pH and Total Alkalinity is above the OK Range, add Spa World Reducer to reach the OK range.

Step 2: Sanatise Your Spa

When using Spa World Lithium Sanitiser add 50gms per 1000 Litres and press the cleaning cycle and circulate for 20 minutes.
Every day after that add 12 grams per 1000L per day as a daily dose even if you donʼt use the Spa.
On the days you do use the spa add Lithium 20 minutes before you get into the spa.
The free chlorine reading should be between 1-3 on your test strip, you are then safe to swim.

Note: This is a guide only – you may have to use more or less. 
The daily dose above is based on 2 people using the spa 2-3 times per week. More usage requires more chemicals.


Only wear clothes in the Spa that have been rinsed in water NO WASHING POWDER.
Ensure that you DO NOT enter the Spa with oils and body lotions on your body.

Weekly maintenance program:

One week after your initial Start Up procedure you will need to start your Weekly Spa Maintenance Program (pick a day which suits you e.g. every Saturday morning). Before you go onto step 1, hose out your filter.

Step 1: Shock Your Spa

For water clarity, add 30 grams per 1000L of Spa World shock to your spa and press clean cycle on for 40 minutes (cover off). Spa Shock will help remove chloramines and bather wastes from previous week.

Step 2: Test Your Spa Water

Using your Test Strips test the pH and Total Alkalinity of your spa water and adjust to the OK range.

Step 3: Sanatise Your Spa Water

Continue using your daily dose of Spa World Lithium- 2 Teaspoons per 1000L of water daily. Repeat the 3 steps above weekly until your water is 4 months old, then dump the water. Refill with new water, then proceed with the EASY START UP PROCEDURE.

Dumping your spa water

Step 1: Take Your Filter Out and Leave It Out

Step 2: Use Pipe Degreaser

Add Spa Pipe Degreaser, 50ml per 1000 Litres, and press clean cycle for 20 minutes. Leave off for 30 minutes then back on for a further 30 minutes, the process is now finished. You can now dump your water. When the spa is empty, hose out any residue and wipe the spa out with a little Spa Pipe Degreaser on a damp rag. You can also wipe the underneath of the spa cover. Rinse off and leave to dry.

Step 3: Refill Your Spa With Water

Remember to place hose in filter pipe (to help eliminate air blocks)

Step 4: Replace your Purezone Filter With A New Purezone Filter

Step 5: Your spa is now ready to proceed with the Easy Start Up Procedure (see above)

Spa Water Trouble Shooting


Check pH and Total Alkalinity and adjust if necessary. Add 1 cap of Spa World Clarifier per 1000 Litres of water and circulate water for 30 minutes. Some water might need to be circulated more, so keep circulating until clear.


Check pH and Total Alkalinity and adjust if necessary. Add 1 Tablespoon of Shock per 1000 Litres of water, circulate for 1 hour. Add 2 Teaspoons of Lithium per 1000 Litres of water and circulate for 1 hour - this should clear it up. If water is still not clear, keep circulating water until clear.


Use Spa World Anti Foam, using directions on container.

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