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How To Stop Algae In Spa Pools

Algae can take various forms from green, yellow, reddish to black. They can cause your water to take on a green tinge, become cloudy or feel slimy. Read on to find out what causes algae and how to get rid of it

How to winterise a spa pool

The complete guide to emptying, cleaning and closing down your spa pool for the winter.

What is Spa Shock? Why you need it and how to use it in your spa

An explanation of what spa shock is, why you should use it and how it works to help keep your water clean.

What you need to know about spa headrests

Spa headrests, often referred to as spa pillows, add comfort and style to spa pools.

How to remove the scum line in a spa

What are the causes of scum in your spa and how to get rid of it?