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What are ER-3 and ER-4 Error Messages

How to trouble shoot ER-4 and ER-3 error messages on your SpaNet controller

Do I need a spa cover lifter?

Your spa cover is an important component of your spa pool and you want to keep it in great condition to make it last the distance. A spa cover lifter makes removing and replacing your spa cover much easier and

How to start up your spa after the winter

Our guide to starting your spa up for Spring after it's been out of use for a period of time. Covering cleaning techniques and chemical startup procedures.

Can I Use Epsom Salts In My Spa?

Are Epsom salts safe to use in a spa or hot tub? Find out why with a detailed explanation.

What games can you play in a hot tub or spa pool?

A list of games you can play in the spa with your family and friends - making your spa parties hilarious!