Why does my spa water get cloudy?

We often receive questions from our customers about cloudy water in their spa. We've put together a quick guide that will help you identify what is causing the cloudy water and provide some tips to help fix it.

1. Check your owner’s guide for the appropriate filtration times for your spa.

Make sure you are changing your filters regularly and in line with your spa manufacturer's recommendations.


2. Are your spa filters Clean?

Your spa filters are often neglected though they are the best way to keep your water crystal clear.

Spa filters need to be washed off weekly. We suggest a filter wand as the most effective way of doing this without damaging the filter material. See all of our filter wand here.

On a bi-monthly basis, you need to soak your filter in an approved filter cleaner solution to eliminate body fats and other organic matter that are not removed by simple rinsing.

Most people rotate 2 sets of Spa filters so that they can soak one set while the other is in use. Adhere to the guidelines of your filter cartridge cleaner label.

Do not use products like nappy cleaners as most of them contain bleach which reduces the length of the life of your spa filters.

3. Is your spa the water pH and Alkalinity in the "Ok" range? 

Your spa and Alkalinity should be within this scope (on your test strips) pH 7.2- 7.8 Alkalinity 80-120. If not, modify up or down using an approved PH reducer or Alkalinity increase until it is appropriate. Make sure to do as instructed and give the substances a chance to work before examining again.

4. Are you shocking your water once a week?

 You need to use an approved oxidiser (spa shock) at least once a week or after a heavy use. Spa shock oxidises the organic matter that makes the water cloudy.

Important: If you are using a chlorine-free sanitising system you will need to shock the water with a Chlorine free shock (Poppits Quick Fix) go through guidelines on the brand.

5. Are you following the spa chemical manufacturer’s instructions?

Make sure you are dosing your spa water with enough Sanitiser. Underdosing your Sanitiser can cause cloudiness.

6. Cloudy spa water with bore water or rainfall water

If you are using bore or rainfall water and have followed the recommendations above but your water is still cloudy you may use a water clarifier or flock. Study the guidelines for dose rates. Essentially the water clarifier works by grabbing microscopic particles of organic matter and combining them into larger particles where they can quickly be captured in the filter media.


7. What causes cloudy water in a chlorine-free spa?

If you are using Poppits sanitiser or another brand of Hydrogen Peroxide you might have an algae issue. Please read this post for details on troubleshooting algae in spas.

8. Cloudy spa water with Purezone spa filters

Follow the dosing instructions so that you do not prematurely plug your filter. Spa chemicals take time to work. Be patient.

Important: Purezone filters cannot be washed and must be replaced at least every three months based on bather load.

If you have any queries contact our helpful staff.

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