When should I change my spa water?

The answer to this depends on how often you use your spa, how well you maintain it and what chemical system you use.

As a rule you should change the water in a spas containing 700L to 4000L on average every 3-4 months for an average user and sooner for heavy users.

An average user would use their spa 2-3 times a week. A heavy user would use their spa 4-5 days per week.

Swim spas containing 5000L to 7000L will need to have the water changed on average every 8 - 12 months for an average user and every 6 - 7 months for heavy users.
Can I empty half of my spa water and refill to keep the water longer?

We do not suggest this. It is better to use a spa pipe degreaser and then empty the spa and refill with fresh water.

Key tips for making your spa water last longer:
1. Always shower before entering a spas and swim spas.
2. Keep you spa filters clean.
3. Keep your water balanced.
4. Use a good quality spa sanitiser and shock.

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