Two Reasons To Use Poppits Chlorine Free Spa System

The "Spa Poppits" Chlorine free spa treatment has been around for over 20 years and is the gold standard for chlorine free spa treatment in Australia.

The Poppits system uses 15% hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine to sanitise spa water.

Here are two key benefits with using Spa Poppits.


Poppit brand is the- “The Healthy Alternative”, a chlorine and bromine free system for people concerned about asthma, sensitive skin and the environment.

The incidence of asthma is growing at an alarming rate. It is reported that in Australia 2 in 5 school age children now suffer with the ailment.

People with allergies also account for 40% of the population.

These days, most progressive households use allergy free pillows and use non-residual room deodorants – but what about spas and swim spas?

A number of people become allergic to spa chlorine and bromine and can no longer use their spas. For these people Spa Poppits is a welcome alternative.


Spa Poppits has another benefit in that it is pH neutral. Spa Lithium Chlorine and Bromine by their very nature raise the pH level in the water as they work. Spa Poppits does not. This makes it easier to keep your spa in balance and requires less maintenance.

Additionally Spa Chlorine and Bromine usually have fillers in them which add to the total dissolved solids in your spa which impact water clarity. Spa Poppits does not.

Which spa chemical system do you use?

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