How to use spa pipe degreaser

How often do you change your spa water?

It is recommended that spa owners change their spa water every three months depending on bather load. One of the most important parts of changing your spa water is cleaning the internal spa surfaces. Spa plumbing, including spa jets, pumps and heaters can develop a build up.

Refilling your spa with fresh water without cleaning the pipes will reduce the life of your spa water and will require more chemical usage to maintain water clarity.

Follow these simple steps:

Before emptying your spa water add the recommended amount of pipe degreaser to your spa. Make sure to follow the dosing instructions on the container. Turn on your spa pumps to circulate the degreaser and let your spa run.

Turn off your spa, dump your water.

Remove your spa filters, rinse them and then soak in a spa filter cleaning solution. (Purezone filters cannot be cleaned but must be replaced.)

Remove the spa filters from the solution, rinse and if there is time, let your filters dry before you put them back into service as it will make them more efficient.

Pipe degreaser can be used to wipe down the surface before you refill your spa.

Using pipe degreaser and filter cleaners will help you maintain your water clarity and will increase the amount of time between water changes.

Do you use pipe degreaser?

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