How To Stop Algae In Spa Pools

Phosphate is a naturally occurring inorganic chemical that is widely used in detergents, animal feed and fertilizers.

Many common household laundry detergents contain phosphates because they aid in the cleaning process.

Algae are not bad characters in small doses however some can be toxic and no one really likes to share their spa with algae, which at the least, significantly reduces water clarity.

NOTE: The first indication of an algae bloom will be a significant increase in sanatiser use.

Spa shock can be used to help reduce this however the effects are very short-lived, as these products are not true algaecides.

Poppit Pool & Spa Complete Maintenance followed by frequent cleaning of your spa filter cartridges with Poppit (phosphate free) Filter Cartridge Cleaner will not only remove the problem, but it is also extremely effective prevention.

Poppit 3 month algaecide is considered to be the strongest. This is the only algaecide compatible with Poppit Spa Sanitiser and Poppits Sanosil and it can also be used with Lithium sanatiser.

Follow instructions on the label of the algaecide. 30 mL / 1,000 litres is generally sufficient to kill the algae and will clean up the spa within 48 -72 hours. This will provide protection for the life of the water in the spa.

NOTE: (Phosphate removers do not actually remover phosphates from your spa. Instead, they form an insoluble molecule that becomes trapped in the filter, making good spa filter hygiene even more critical. Make sure to clean your filter after using this algaecide and phosphate removing products.

We recommend the Poppit spa filter cleaning solution because it is the only filter cartridge cleaner that can make the claim that it is free of phosphate, sulphate or nitrate. All of which act as Hors d’oeuvres at the algae party.

Have algae crashed your spa pool party?

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