How to measure your spa cover correctly

Our informative guide to help you get the right measurements for your spa cover.


To enable us to recommend a cover that will be the best fit for your spa, we need you to take some measurements of your existing cover. If you don't have a cover currently, you can follow the steps below to measure your spa.


1. Measure each side

Measure the outside dimensions of your spa. (Do not measure the inside edges)

2. Measure the outer radius 

Use two rulers or straight edges on each edge of a corner. Measure from the beginning of the curve (R1) to the point where both rulers or straight edges meet (R2)


3. Measure the lip of your spa

Measure from the top surface of the spa shell down to where it meets the cabinet. For an in-ground spa, measure from the top surface down to the deck, or tile.

4. Measure the location of catches

Measure the distance (T1 & T2) from each outer spa edge to the centre of the catch. If there is more than one catch per side also measure the distance between catches (T3). Then measure from the top of the spa (not the spa cover) down to the center of catch (T4).



5. Download and complete our measurement sheet

Once you've followed the steps above, download and fill in your details on our measurement sheet and send the completed sheet back to

Download Measurement Sheet


Need help measuring your spa cover? 

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