How to clear spa water

Keeping your spa water clear is simple for some but challenging for others.

If you have changed your spa water, installed new clean spa filters and your spa water is balanced yet you struggle to keep your water clear you may be dealing with other challenges such as high mineral content and want to use a spa water clarifier.

Some natural spa water clarifiers use Chitosan, a compound derived from shrimp shells. Chitosan is an organic substance that has the following benefits when used in spa water:


  • Helps prevent oil and scum marks
  • Improves filtration efficiency
  • Removes metals from water

Chitosan clarifies water by grabbing microscopic particles that are too small for the filter membrane and binding them together so that the filter can then filter the particles out of the water.

  • Natural
  • Simple, quick and cost effective water clearing
  • Reduces use of pool shock
  • Compatible with most spa chemical systems


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Do you use a spa water clarifier to clear your spa water? What do you think of it?

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