How much does it cost to run a spa?


The cost of running a spa pool varies significantly, depending on a number of factors including the location where you live, the ambient temperature, the cost of your electricity, the water temperature that you prefer and the condition of your cover and insulation in the spa! 

It’s difficult for us to give an exact figure, but we’ve provided an estimate below, based on the average-sized spa pool which is approximately 2.3m x 2.3m.

How much does it cost to run a spa pool?

An average spa pool will cost around $1,350.50 per year in electricity to run. This is based on a spa pool that measures 2.3m x 2.3m in diameter with a water volume of around 1500 litres. This is based on the calculations listed below.


Cost for spa filtration and circulation cycle in your spa pool

The circulation pump for the spa filtration system in a spa this size would draw 0.35 kW and would run for 8 hours per day (with no heating). This is the cycle that would run to keep the water clean.
Assuming the cost of your power is $0.25 per kW, then this would cost you $0.70 per day to filter and clean. (0.35kW x 8hrs = 2.8kW/h x $0.25 = 0.70)


How much does it cost to heat a spa?

In an average sized spa (2.3m x 2.3m) the heating system will draw 3kW of power. It would turn for about 10 minutes each hour to maintain the heat in your spa. 
10min x 24 hours = 4 hours of total running time per day. Multiply 4 x 3kW = 12 kWh x $0.25 (Cost of electricity) = $3.00 per day.


Total electricity cost for running your spa pool 

Add together the $0.70 per day for filtration and $3.00 per day for heating = $3.70 per day. Multiply this by 365 days in a year brings you to a total of $1,350.50 per year.

This is a very approximate estimate and please keep in mind that there are many variables that can affect the running cost, including the insulation level, condition of the cover, the set temperature, and the ambient temperature in the area that you live.

How much should I expect to pay for spa chemicals each year?

This varies depending on how many litres of water is the spa and how much you use it. On average, you should allow approximately $300 per year for a portable spa and $600-800 per year for a swim spa.


How to save money on your spa running costs!

If you'd like to look at ways to reduce the cost of running your spa, the first thing to check is the condition of your cover. A lot of heat can be lost through a worn or water-logged cover.

Read our detailed article on how spa covers reduce spa running costs.