Can I Use Epsom Salts In My Spa?

Are Epsom salts safe to use in a spa or hot tub? Find out why with a detailed explanation.








Epsom Salts, were first named for a saline spring in Surrey, England and have the official chemical composition being Magnesium Sulphate which is an Alkaline chemical compound.

Epsom salts have long been thought to have a number of healing properties which is why many people find relief soaking parts or their entire bodies in Epsom salts.

A few of the reported benefits are relief of sore muscles and joints, increased ability to flush toxins, and relief from joint problems.


Can you add Epsom salts to your spa or hot tub? 

You should never add Epsom salts to your spa or swim spa.

Here is why:

Salt levels above 2000 ppm can be corrosive in a spa depending on the pH. The recommended level to get the most from Epsom salts is 20,000ppm. Yes you read that correctly. Say you have emptied your spa or swim spa and now only have fresh water in it with no chlorine, you load in your Epsom salts and you will now create a chemical reaction that will attack dissimilar metals. One of the metals will be corroded. This quite often is the spa heater element or parts of the spa pump.

Soaking in Epsom salts is a good thing but use it in your bath tub or foot bath where you drain and change the water with every use.


Can you put magnesium in a spa?

Some magnesium products are safe to use in a spa as long as they do not have a high salt content. 

If you are looking for a magnesium product to add to your spa, Zodiac MagnaSpa is an excellent option. It comes as a 50/50 blend of Magnesium and Potassium that is safe and approved to use in acrylic spas and swim spas. It softens your spa water, making it silkier and more comfortable.

Zodiac Magnaspa



Can you add bath salts to a hot tub?

Bath salts like Epsom Salts or other forms of bath water treatment should not be used in a spa or hot tub. The water in a spa is finely balanced within an ideal pH range. Adding bath salts can upset this pH balance, affecting your water quality and making it harder to keep your water clear. In addition, bath salts can corrode the components in your spa.



Only use recommended minerals or aromatherapy products in your spa to avoid damage to your components and time and hassle restoring your water balance!



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