How to reduce the use of spa chemicals

You take the time to maintain your spa water keeping it crystal clear, and that requires the use of some type of sanitiser such as spa chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide.

Not only can these chemicals add a cost to maintaining your spa but some of them can be harsh on skin, clothing and hair, so it makes sense that the less sanitiser that you use the better.

There are several ways to reduce the use of sanitisers, and one of the most effective ways is to ensure that the inner surface and
pipe-work of your spa bath or spa pool is clean and free from oil and fat build up where bacteria and microorganisms can flourish.

What Spa Safe removes from pipes:

Spa Safe Spa Bath Sanatiser

For spa baths which do not have filtration systems and often used in public settings like hotels and lodges, it is required that pipe cleaner is applied between each guest to remove body fats, soaps and other deposits that block pipes and nozzles which can become a serious hygiene problem.

Circulating water only through the pipe-work does not clean the inner surfaces of the pipes.

This requires a pipe degreaser and sanitizer. It stands to reason that using what the
professionals use would be best and the professionals use Spa Safe spa pipe sanatiser.

Spa Safe is ideal to use in spa baths and spa pools.
Spa Safe spa degreaser acts instantly and effortlessly and has a very gentle perfume and is easy to use:

  1. Fill the bath with cold water to above jet line
  2. Add 50mls of Spa Safe to the spa water then turn jets (pump) on
  3. Run jets for 5-10 minutes. Very dirty pipes will require a longer time
  4. Turn the jets off and drain bath. Rinse the bath with cold water
  5. Using Spa Safe on a clean, damp cloth wipe bath surface and surrounding area
  6. Polish the bath with a clean, dry cloth for a sparkling shine

Spa Safe comes in three convenient sizes: 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 15 Litre.
If you are not using a pipe degreaser and sanitiser your spa is not as clean as it could be.


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