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How to reduce the use of spa chemicals

If you find you're using more sanitising chemicals to keep your water clean, here are a few tips to help

How to clean your spa pool after a flood or storm

Our guide explaining all the steps needed to cleaning your spa pool after a flood or storm.

How to measure your spa cover correctly

Our informative guide to help you get the right measurements for your spa cover.

Chemical Quick Start Up Guide - Chlorine

A quick reference guide explaining the steps needed to start up your spa pool with fresh water.

What is the right Cyanuric Acid level in your spa pool or hot tub?

Cyanuric Acid is a product that stabilises chlorine sanitiser in your pool or spa. It's a type of chemical compound known as a triazine - and if you're into chemistry that means it contains 3 atoms of carbon an

Cleaning Guides

A selection of useful guides and resources for cleaning and maintaining your spa pool

How much does it cost to run a spa?

The cost of running a spa pool varies significantly, depending on a number of factors including the location where you live, the ambient temperature, the cost of your electricity, the water temperature that you

What is Lithium Hypochlorite Spa Sanitiser?

Are you looking for a replacement for lithium, now that it is not readily available? Read the full article to learn more about lithium and some recommended replacements.

What Can I Use Instead of Chlorine In My Spa Pool?

There are so many effective alternatives to chlorine that may allow some individuals to enjoy a spa pool experience who would otherwise not be able to.

Can I use Chlorine or Bromine tablets in a dispenser in my spa?

Why we don't recommend using bromine or chlorine tablets in a floating dispenser in your spa pool

What is a Spa Heat Pump? (and how to choose the right one)

Whether you are installing a new spa pool or swim spa or upgrading the heating system on your existing spa, this article will explain everything you need to know about spa heat pumps and how to choose ...

How to Remove, Clean, and Replace Spa Jets

An overview on how to removing your spa jets, cleaning and replacing.

What is BioGuard Armour? (Review, benefits, how to use)

A detailed overview on BioGuard Armour spa sanitiser. The benefits of using in your spa, and directions for use.