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Poppit Pipe Degreaser 500ml

Poppit Pipe Degreaser 500ml


Spa Safe Pipe Sanitizer 1L
SKU: 126018

Spa Safe Pipe Sanitizer 1L


Spa Safe Pipe Sanitiser 5L
SKU: 126019

Spa Safe Pipe Sanitiser 5L


Spa Safe Pipe Sanitiser Biocide 15 Litre
BioGuard Swirl Away pipe cleaner
210 X 125mm Vortex and O2 Spa Filter 400
 210 X 125mm Vortex Purezone Spa filter 400 (FBD248)
Vortex Pleated Cam Lock Filter 215 x 125mm (boxed 3 pack)
210 x 125mm 3 Spa Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas
210 x 125mm 3 Pleated Filter Kit For Vortex and O2 Spas
215 X 125mm Vortex Purezone Camlock Filter
215 x 125mm Cam Lock Filter Kit 2 x Pleated and 1 x Purezone
210 X 150mm Arcadia Purezone 600 Spa Filter
340 X 128mm O2 Spa Filter Purezone 800 Series
340 X 128mm O2 Spa Filter Pleated 800 Series
520 mm Rising Dragon Filter Assembly
520 mm  Filter Assembly
SKU: 127163

520 mm Filter Assembly


SpaNet Universal Spa Heat Pump XS 5.5kw
SpaNet Universal Spa Heat Pump 8KW SHP-80P

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This is a great query, and one of the most common questions we hear.

There are a variety of reasons and solutions:

1. Check your owner’s guide for the appropriate filtration times for your spa.

2. Are your spa filters Clean?

Your spa filters are often neglected though they are the best way to keep your water crystal clear.

Spa filters need to be washed off weekly. We suggest a filter wand as the most effective way of doing this without damaging the filter material. See all of our Read More..

4 Things you need to know about spa filters.

1. How are spa filters made?
There are two different types of spa filters that are largely used in modern portable spas and swim spas: Pleated spa pool filters and micron spa filters.

Pleated Spa ...

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How often do you change your spa water?

It is recommended that spa owners change their spa water every three months depending on bather load. One of the most important parts of changing your spa water is cleaning the internal spa surfaces. Spa plumbing, including spa jets, pumps and heaters can develop a build up.

Refilling your spa with fresh water without cleaning the pipes wi...

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Keeping your spa water clear is simple for some but challenging for others.

If you have changed your spa water, installed new clean spa filters and your spa water is balanced yet you struggle to keep your water clear you may be dealing with other challenges such as high mineral content and want to use a spa water clarifier.

Some natural spa water clarifiers use Chitosan, a compound derived from shrimp s...

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Spa Shock Treatment:

Shocking a spa pool or swim spa is the applying a dose of chlorine (sodium dichlor) or non-chlorine shock (potassium peroxy-monosulphate or MPS).

  1. One reason for shocking your spa is to break-down organic waste contaminants which cause odour and cloudy water. Once treated with ...

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