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You take the time to maintain your spa water keeping it crystal clear and that requires the use of some type of sanitiser such as spa chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide.

Not only can these chemicals add a cost to maintaining your spa but some of them can be harsh on skin, clothing and hair so it makes sense that the less sanitiser that you use the better.

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Spa Store is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spa World — Australia´s leading retailer of spas, swim spas and associated products. Spa World has been proudly serving Australia for over 25 years and as such, we have the experience and expertise to assist you with your spa parts, spa covers and spa chemical needs.

We are Australian owned and operated and our products are now sold in more than 15 countries around the world. Our spa parts, spa covers, spa filters and spa chemicals are amongst the highest quality available on the Australian market.

Spa Store not only cariies parts for Vortex Spas, O2 spas, Arcadia Spas, Fisher Spas, Hot Spring Spas but also parts for alm...

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This is a great query, and one of the most common concerns in the spa market.

The truth is there are a variety of reasons and solutions:

Is your spa circulating enough?

Here are our suggestions below:

1. Check your owner’s guide or with your spa provider for appropriate filtration times for your size spa. 2. Is your spa filters Clean?
Your spa filters are often neglected though they are the best way to keep your water crystal clear.

Spa filters need to be washed off weekly. We sugge...

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The answer to this depends on how often you use your spa, how well you maintain it and what chemical system you use.

As a rule you should change the water in a spas containing 700L to 4000L on average every 3-4 months for an average user and sooner for heavy users.

An average user would use their spa 2-3 times a week. A heavy user would use their spa 4-5 days per week.

Swim spas containing 5000L to 7000L will need to hav...

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This a great question that we hear often from spa owners.

There are a number of reasons why spa water foams:

1. You have detergent in the water.

Detergent can be found in your swimming clothing, hair, body, sunscreen, lotions and oil based scent.

2. You have oils in your water.

Oils can come from bathers not showering before they enter the spa or swim spa. It can come from un-approved spa scents being used. If you are using scents make sure they ar...

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Water Hardness

The measurement of minerals in your water including calcium and magnesium is referred to as water hardness.

Spas and swim spas should have some level of hardness. If your spa water does not have enough calcium, the water will draw minerals, including copper, aluminium and iron form spa parts such as spa heating elements and spa pump seals. This...

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Aromatherapy for spas and swims spas is the use of specially formulated fragrances that help reduce stress and rejuvenate the bather while also moisturizing skin.

Aromatherapy infuses the air with scent as the hot water bubbles through the jets. Aromatherapy for spas is not new and evidence shows that this was first us...

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4 Things you need to know about spa filters.

1. How are spa filters made?
There are two different types of spa filters that are largely used in modern portable spas and swim spas: Pleated spa pool filters and micron spa filters.

Pleated Spa ...

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How often do you change your spa water?

It is recommended that spa owners change their spa water every three months depending on bather load. One of the most important parts of changing your spa water is cleaning the internal spa surfaces. Spa plumbing, including spa jets, pumps and heaters can develop a build up.

Refilling your spa with fresh water without cleaning the pipes wi...

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How to know when to change your spa filterPeople oftern ask us how to tell when they need to hange their spa filters. Although there should be an easy answer, the fact is there are a number of variables at play.

- Bather load
- Filter maintenance
- Chemical usage

As a rule of thumb we suggest changing your pleated filters at least every 12 months. If you are running two sets of filters you can usually get 18 months per set.
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Many, but not all spas, come with UV sterilization systems.

UV systems in spas can kill 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacteria, including the real tough bad guys like Giardia and Crypto sporidium viruses.

This helps to keep water crystal clear while reducing the amount of spa chemicals used.

As with most things UV sanitiser systems may require maintenance from time to time to keep benefiting from their advantages.

Typically there is one only thing that goes wrong...

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Is your spa cover costing you money?

"Best estimates are that up to 70% of heat can escape through a poor quality, damaged or old spa cover."

Not to mention that a good sealing cover keeps out dust and debris which will help keep your water clear and reduce chemical usage.

How do you know if you need a new spa cover?

Until recent times the foam cores which make up the rigid internal structure of spa covers and provide the insulation were wrapped in ...

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Spa control keypads are wonderful tools that help us communicate and control most of the functions on our spas and swim spas.

We hardly give them any notice as we go about our day to day relaxation...until we receive a dreaded error message.

"Not to fear, many common error messages can be quickly resolved."

There are a large number of spa controllers on the market...

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It is is hard to argue that having a spa cover lifter on your spa has advantages:

  • Saving your back.
  • Making your spa more usable.
  • Increasing the lifespan of your spa cover.

"I use my spa more now that I have a cover lifter."

"But how do I choose the right cover lifter", is the question we commonly hear. Here are three different designs with pros and cons:

Cabinet mount cover lifter:

This cover lifter is so named because it mounts onto the side of the spa cabinet using rugged screws that bed...

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Keeping your spa water clear is simple for some but challenging for others.

If you have changed your spa water, installed new clean spa filters and your spa water is balanced yet you struggle to keep your water clear you may be dealing with other challenges such as high mineral content and want to use a spa water clarifier.

Some natural spa water clarifiers use Chitosan, a compound derived from shrimp s...

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